Speech therapy in Paraguay

Fonoaudiologa home - evaluation - diagnosis - treatment for children, youth and adults in language, speech, voice and swallowing difficulties (swallowing) - stimulation of language.

Fonoaudiologa Sandra Cardozo

Fonoaudiologa home

- Evaluation

- Diagnosis

- Treatment

For children, youth and adults in language, speech, voice and swallowing difficulties (swallowing)

- Stimulation of language.

- Speech and language disorders.

- Difficulty in articulating

- Rehabilitation of stomatognathic functions
A domicilio - Tembetary - Asunción - Paraguay

Fonoaudiologia Especializada

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of language disorders and speech in children and youth.
Specialization: alternative communication, autism spectrum disorder, stomatognathic system and child neuropsychology
Perú 295 esquina Mariscal Estigarribia - Catedral - Asunción - Paraguay

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Fonoaudiologa, Lic. Gabriela Buongermini

Rehabilitation therapy: comprehensive and expressive language, articulation and breathing in children and adults with various pathologies.
Pitiantuta 350 entre España y Mcal. López
Asunción, Paraguay - Las Mercedes - Asunción - Paraguay

Fonoaudiologo - Clinica en Fonoaudiología

Phonoaudiological Care for children and young adults in language. Speech, voice, and swallowing difficulties (swallowing).
Language stimulation.
Speech and language disorders.
Difficulty in articulating
Voice disorders
Swallowing disorders. (difficulty swallowing)
Consultorios en:
Asunción y Lambaré - Central - Paraguay

Fonoaudiología Consultorio

Assessment, diagnosis and intervention in children and adults.
Avda. Perú 295 esq. Mcal. Estigarribia - Las Mercedes - Asunción - Paraguay

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Consultorio de Fonoaudiologia

República Argentina 155 esquina Manuel Blinder - Los Laureles - Asunción - Paraguay

Centro del Audifono

Centro del Audifono Our company is dedicated to the integral service in auditory aid in all referring to auditory studies and the equipment with digital audiophones for the deafness.
Eligio Ayala 1056 e/ EE.UU. y Brasil - San Roque - Asunción - Paraguay


* Disorders of speech and language (language delay, difficulty in articulating the words, stuttering, loss of language)
* Swallowing disorders (difficulty in swallowing food)
* Voice Disorders
* Hearing Disorder (hearing loss)
Lambaré: Mcal. Estigarribia 412 c/ Campo Vía. - Central - Paraguay
Asunción: Pitiantuta 305 esq. Jara Méndez.

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Licenciada en Fonoaudiologia

Therapies voice , speech, language , odontostomatology , audiometric studies , neurorehabilitation , children and adults .
Eulogio Estigarribia 4473 - Villa Morra - Asunción - Paraguay

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